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FashionMia my summer cloths

Spring is coming closer and closer to us this year. The first signs of spring can already be seen with the naked eye. The flowers begin to bloom, the trees become green. And birds make me singing every day. As the temperature rises, we wear less clothes. I choose this year's summer maxi dresses. They are very feminine and emphasizing the figure when, every woman should have in her closet. In my opinion, this is the trend of this season. 
White is the perfect color for the summer. It is not hot in it and it looks great on tanned skin. This bastard has a beautiful ethnic pattern. I really liked her
The other dress is also white. Long and airy look very phenomenal. This subtle print adds to its charm
The second trend this summer is definitely women's blouses. I liked them very much and I can not imagine stylization without them.  For this, high jeans and we have a ready look.They must be airy and delicate. Such as summer. They need to breathe and look great. I fell in love with flowery patterns and delicate materials. In search of interesting patterns and typefaces I found my way FashionMia I found there many interesting things that I would like to put this summer. 
the exposed arms in this blouse present themselves really well. I like very much such details in blouses. Very fashionable and cool looking thing

this time gray and more casual creation. Perfect for a walk along the sea shore but also in the city.
I hope you liked my suggestions.  Dresses are always a good choice for the summer. And that's quite nearby. Airy long and feminine can add charm to every woman. Cool blouses make any stylization. I choose them for a romantic walk or for a meeting with friends. Do you have an idea for summer stylizations?And you already have new clothes for the summer?

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