piątek, 15 marca 2019


Summer is getting closer to us more and more. The first signs of spring can already be seen with the naked eye. As the temperature rises, we carry less cloths. I choose this year maxi dressesIn search of interesting patterns and typefaces I found my way Cicilooshop. I found there many interesting things that I would like to put on this summer. 

On colder days, of course, I will walk in trousers. And you know what I found a lot  cheap women pantsit turns out that cool things do not have to be expensive. And the quality is very good here. With each outfit we have given and the size and composition of the material. For me, this store is the discovery of this season.

And you already have some favorites in this store. If you do not have a good look around, you will definitely see something in your eye.

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